ManpowerGroup Netherlands: Getting new insights

ManpowerGroup is a world leader in innovative workforce solutions.

Every day, they connect more than 600,000 people to meaningful work across a wide range of skills and industries helping to power the success of clients around the world.

How did we start?

Our cooperation with ManpowerGroup The Netherlands began with the idea of replacing the legacy data warehouse solution with a new enterprise data warehouse, using Microsoft BI technology.

The goal for new solution was to provide the enterprise wide business analysis ability, with combination of the data from multiple branches and sources.

How did we approach this challenge?

At the start of the project the requirements were not written is stone. Since the world where ManpowerGroup operates in is changing (fast) as well, the agile approach was required.

As the project started and the process went on, it became clear that in order to properly create a new solution it was required to provide support of the existing DWH. 

That presented an unique opportunity to dive into the current situation, investigate what possible issues could be met along the way, and carryover to the new solution the knowledge, design hints and best practices already implemented.

We started with the creation of a prototype using live data. With this approach both the business as well as the BI team could use this mock-up to further refine their needs and wishes.

New technology and processes don’t come easy. Yet, the idea of a proper Business Intelligence solution is to reveal the spots of possible improvements and to help the organization both in getting better financial results and in creating more clear understanding of its processes and insights.

What are the next steps?

At the moment the initial development stage has been completed. The core data structure is in place and we go on with the verification of the data and its reconciliation.

The next step of implementation will continue with extension of the core data structure, new data sources inclusion and introduction of the totality new BI portal to the end users.

What did we achieve?

• Build a solid relationship with our customer

• Reached the first milestones in implementing a new enterprise data warehouse

• Trained and guided internal staff

Would you like to know more?

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