Sundio Group – Extending the BI team

Sundio Group International GmbH is now one of the leading travel groups in Europe. It is the driving force behind numerous brands operating within seven international markets: The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

In the early nineties Sundio Group began with the Dutch brand Gogo Tours. By judicially responding to the new possibilities being offered by the internet the launch of Sunweb soon followed. In recent years the organization has experienced explosive growth in Europe due to its stable organic growth and various acquisitions made in the travel industry.

How did we start?

The workload of the Business Intelligence team was increasing and therefore Sundio Group needed a solid partner to help them reducing this backlog.

At first two projects where defined. One of them was a finance reconciliation project, which was long and much desired by the business.

Starting with this project was the perfect opportunity for us to show Sundio Group that our (near shore) construction works and is beneficial for the both of us.

Delivering this reporting model to the business felt like we reached a milestone and a good cooperation between TopSail and Sundio Group was a fact.

How did we approach this challenge?

Blending into the current team and organization was one of the desired goals from Sundio Group point of view. So act like one team and handle accordingly.

With our straightforward and open way of communicating, we aligned the requirements with the business and created a prototype for both projects. 

The business reviewed the prototype and gave a ‘Go’ to start with the development phase.

A process we took the agile way, so business behind the steering wheel.

What are the next steps?

Sundio Group is growing continuously, so is the demand for Business Intelligence.

Given this fact we will keep on participating in innovative business intelligence projects and support Sundio Group in reaching their business goals.

What did we achieve?

• Build a solid relationship with Sundio Group

• Build a financial reconciliation reporting model to compare financial and commercial purchase values

• Build a reporting model which allows the marketing team to make more accurate decisions (Customer Insights)

• Build a Human Resource reporting model which the finance department uses for internal reporting and forecasting

Would you like to know more?

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