Company Profile


TopSail Group is small BI consultancy company with a big attitude. Our customers are large international companies, that operate mostly on the European market. Our goal is to create the Business Intelligence solutions that maximize the use of customers' business potential.

Why "TopSail"?

It has always been important to utilize every momentum to ensure you can go faster, and stay ahead. The "topsail" is a small sail on the top of the mast, that helps even the biggest ships gain extra speed.


In Business Intelligence, the action is as much important as reaction. Therefore, we not only supply BI solutions. We ask. We challenge. We prototype. We ensure quality and high standards.


Most popular technologies we work with are Oracle and Microsoft BI stacks. Depending on the customer needs, we implement the full chain, or any part of it - Data Load or end user Reports and Data Visualization.

The Team

We have a team of skilled, certified and highly motivated professionals, with "can do" attitude. Our main goal is to help our customers in their constant success.