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Business Intelligence Definition

Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of IT tools and techniques that can be used for various purposes – to monitor business processes and KPIs, provide more insights, compare actuals and forecasts and even provide suggestions of business actions. Once established, BI infrastructure serves for many years, helping to make informed decisions, build long-term strategy, minimize redundant expenses, increase management efficiency.

Business Intelligence Benefits

Data-driven business decisions


A strong BI strategy can deliver accurate data faster to business users to help them make better business decisions.

Faster analysis and intuitive dashboards


BI improves reporting efficiency by condensing reports into dashboards that are easy for non-technical users to analyze.

Increased competitive advantage


A solid BI strategy can help businesses monitor their changing market and anticipate customer needs.

Improved customer experience


Ready access to data can help those responsible for customer satisfaction improve the quality of service.

Improved employee satisfaction


Providing business users access to data without having to contact analysts or IT can reduce friction, increase productivity, and facilitate faster results.

Trusted and governed data


Modern BI platforms can combine internal databases with external data sources into a single data warehouse, allowing access the same data at one time.

The flavours of Analytics

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Descriptive analytics is used to analyze past data sets for patterns and trends, helping businesses answer questions such as how much they sold and if they hit specific goals.

Diagnostic analytics helps explain why things happened the way they did, going beyond what happened to why it happened. This type of analytics identifies trends or patterns in the past and then explains why they occurred the way they did.

Predictive analytics aims to predict likely outcomes and make educated forecasts using historical data, using probabilities for predictions instead of simply interpreting existing facts.

Prescriptive analytics uses data from various sources, including statistics, machine learning, and data mining, to identify possible future outcomes and show the best option. It provides actionable insights instead of raw data, enabling businesses to understand why certain outcomes will happen and predicting the effect of future decisions.

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Our customers


Who are we

TopSail Group is small BI consultancy company with a big attitude. Our customers are large international companies, that operate mostly on the European market. Our goal is to create the Business Intelligence solutions that maximize the use of customers' business potential. We have a team of skilled, certified and highly motivated professionals, with "can do" attitude. Our main goal is to help our customers in their constant success.

The way we work

Best Business Intelligence is actionable intelligence. Therefore, we always ask our customers to evaluate both the requirements and the final solution to make sure it provides the deeper insights and better results.

Fun fact

It has always been important to utilize every momentum to ensure you can go faster, and stay ahead. The "topsail" is a small sail on the top of the mast, that helps even the biggest ships gain extra speed.